In-N-Out Burger

The ultimate in customizable meal, but when it comes down to it, it is a fast food burger.  Not much to expect from this California chain.  However, I do prefer this fast food burger over a McDonalds or Burger King.  It’s a good thing I never have a hankering for fast food burgers, because I’m on the wrong coast.

I ordered off the standard menu and got the “Double-Double” and some fries.  The “Double-Double” stands for two patties and two slices of cheese.

With no prior knowledge, In-N-Out has the most basic of looks on the inside, all the way to their very simple menu.  You have your choice of burger, cheeseburger, double cheeseburger, fries and drinks.  That is all a fast food restaurant really needs to maintain business, but that doesn’t offer much in the custom department, let alone the “ultimate”.  The trick with In-N-Out that makes them the fully customizable fast food chain is their use of not only their standard simple menu, but they also have a SECRET Menu for those of you that have inside knowledge.

The Secret Menu provides clever phrasing to specialize your meal with extra ingredients, bigger burgers, custom cooked fries, and various milkshake creations.  The links below are examples of Secret Menus beyond what In-N-Out will publish:

Secret Menu 1

Secret Menu 2

Secret Menu 3 {Scroll to the bottom of this to see the ultimate in fast food customization}

If you ever find yourself going to an In-N-Out, make sure you do your research ahead of time so you know the lingo to fully customize your meal.  But, not everything on the internet is true.  Don’t be swayed if the cashier doesn’t know what you are talking about because In-N-Out prides themselves on the fact that if you can describe it and they can do it, they will do it.

Normally I would put this fast food restaurant into the Red ratings, but In-N-Out has a little more appeal.  As I said above, this is just a fast food burger and really doesn’t have much to desire, but if you aren’t adverse to “good food quickly” then stop on by if you find yourself in Cali and make sure you know the lingo.


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